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    Perth’s Labour Hire Specialists
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Job Seekers

Labour Hire for Employers

We work hand in hand with Perth companies and their management teams to ensure we attract, engage, and retain qualified people, fit for the job. People who mirror a companies’ business model, culture and ‘team fit’, to add value, increase productivity, profit margin and create rapid growth for the company.

Hardworking company owners and managers can concentrate on running their company to ensure they meet the demands of their clients with superb customer service and delivery. They can do this whilst confidently knowing that all their recruitment is covered by the Blue Stampede team of experienced and talented Labour Hire specialists who love what they do!

“We work closely with our clients to help them reach optimal levels on any project. Blue Stampede offers a well-developed, industry-specific service that is solutions-based and tailored for each project. This includes budget planning and measuring every aspect of the scope ensuring cost efficiency for any project to run on time and on budget.” – Angelina Crisdale, Founder and Managing Director, Blue Stampede.

Job Seekers

We specialise in placing Perth personnel in places that are the right fit for them, and the team they’ll be joining.
Employees who can feel confident knowing that their recruitment and Labour Hire needs are covered by Blue Stampede - the Labour Hire specialists.

White Collar Recruitment

Looking for white collar recruitment specialists? Under the Crisdale Group of Companies, we offer white collar recruitment solutions.

Visit Crisdale Recruitment Group to find out more.

Welcome to Blue Stampede

We’re your answer to Perth Labour Hire Services.

We provide streamlined Labour Hire solutions for our valued clients and personnel with the highest quality and service. We’re focused on building trusted business relationships and offering effective labour hire solutions.

Our commitment to providing customer service is a reflection of our continued growth and success.

With over three decades of combined experience in all industries throughout Perth and Western Australia, we provide more than just Labour Hire services – we provide Labour Hire solutions.

At Blue Stampede, we’ll find you the right ‘team fit’.

We help you create a new team.

Think Labour Hire – Think Blue Stampede Labour Hire.

Meet us

Success through people.

We thrive on placing great people into great companies.